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All Hands In

Our Mission

Veteran Help Point is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt non-profit organization and our mission is to connect veterans to established and vetted local help.

 We cannot sit back and do nothing while hearing story after story of men and women who are not able to easily find help in their time of need. We lived that story and we strongly believe others do not need to suffer through that. There had to be another way, and we created it.

This website was designed as a resource to help connect veterans and their family members to the local help and resources they need. We are not here to reinvent the wheel. Instead, we want to improve the way the wheel is used. Our vision is to connect veterans to local and regional resources that are already in place and perhaps not as well known due to larger, more overwhelmed, national organizations dominating the search engines. Through this website we hope that more people will get the right help, sooner.

Our Mission

We are Chris and Michelle Lang. After serving 8 years of active duty in the Army, Chris made the decision to pivot his career and head for civilian life. In 2019 we moved back to our home state of Pennsylvania to start a new chapter.

Shortly after beginning civilian life, things started to quickly change. We were expecting our second son and our lives were launched in to chaos. Chris had some medical struggles and reached out to the VA but that unfortunately wasn't an option at the time. 

We were in limbo. Time felt like it was running out and things were getting worse with his mental health. There were times I started to prepare myself for the possibility of raising our children alone. Things started to seem very dark and hopeless. With the help of some of his friends, extended family, some other veterans, and myself, Chris managed to get back on his feet. After Chris seemed to get a handle on things, we started discovering a multitude of other organizations that were out there that could have helped us get through the rough patches a little more gracefully. Once we started asking the right questions and looking in the right places it was apparent there was not a lack of resources available. I was angered that more people didn’t know about these resources. What about those veterans who don’t have someone to advocate for them or aren’t as tech savvy? When the dust started to settle, we realized that something needed to be done about this problem too many vets face.

Through our journey, the idea of Veteran Help Point was born.  I don’t want to create just another database of organizations or a link tree, but a place that veterans are directed to the groups that can most specifically meet their needs and offer the help they are seeking. Our struggle and pain led me here and launched me into this passion to help others in similar situations. 

I can promise you that you are not doing this alone.

Our Story

At Veteran Help Point our vision is to make finding local help for veterans as simple as browsing our website.

We recognize that searching for help can be daunting. The major resources that offer help only guide you to national hotlines or other national resources which are largely overwhelmed. In our own experience we know it can be incredibly frustrating trying to search for organizations that suit your needs. Veteran Help Point aims to eliminate the confusion and work associated with finding the right help.

Our organization does the searching for you. We seek out resources state by state that work on a local or regional level. Then we reach out to these organizations and talk to them about their work and missions. If they are a good fit for the website and agree, we then list them on our page.

Our website is organized by state and category so help is easy to find. Categories range from mental health to housing to job assistance and many things in between. All resources are either entirely veteran-focused or have vast experience working with the veteran community.

What We Do

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