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Embracing Ordinary Struggles

mother and son embracing

At first glance, the word “ordinary” might not seem to hold much weight. In a world captivated by extraordinary tales of heroism and larger-than-life accomplishments, the everyday struggles of ordinary people can often be overlooked. However, it’s these very ordinary struggles that make

us human, relatable, and connect us on a deeper level. Just because it's ordinary, doesn't mean it's not hard.

Our society often celebrates the extraordinary feats of heroes who save the day in dramatic fashion. But what about the heroes who silently bear the weight of their experiences? Most of us live day in and day out struggling in silence because reaching out feels too painful. It feels like no one else will understand and maybe something is wrong with ME because everyone else has their life together.

There is strength in vulnerability. One of the most significant changes happened in my life when I surrendered to that idea. It acknowledges that seeking help and support is not a sign of weakness but a testament to resilience. The courage to ask for assistance when facing ordinary struggles is a heroic act in itself. You don't need to run into a burning building to deem yourself worthy of help. Realizing that you need help before you're already on fire is commendable enough.

Most people are muddling through life in their own way, at their own pace. If you peeled back the curtain of your neighbor's life you'll see their hard is different than your hard but a little piece of you is going to think "oh thank God it's not just me!" When you are brave enough to share your ordinary struggles, you are opening a door for others to grow in themselves and also support one another. Building a community you can relate to is so important.

Sometimes, it’s the smallest gestures of kindness and empathy that have the most significant impact. I see this all the time on Facebook pages. A user will post annoymously that their life is chaos and over share to justify their frustration. When really the truth is, no justification is needed. What's needed is an empathetic ear and maybe a game plan from a clear headed friendly internet stranger who gets it. Ordinary moments can become extraordinary when someone listens, understands, and offers a helping hand. It’s about recognizing the power of compassion in everyday life.

In a world that often glorifies the extraordinary, it’s crucial to remember that the heart of any community is made up of ordinary people with ordinary struggles. Let's celebrate these unsung heroes, empower them to find support, connect with like-minded individuals, and transform their ordinary challenges into moments of strength and resilience.

So, let's embrace the ordinary struggles, for it is within these everyday battles that true strength emerges.

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